Poetry Lesson-Couplets and Triplets

Over the last couple of weeks kids have partnered up and put together a presentation on a certain poem and today we learnt about the Couplet and Triplet poem, taught by Adam and James…Make sure you check out their blogs!!

The couplet and Triplet poem is very much like the limmerick poem. It is  a 5 lined poem that is usually rhymed, with the rhyming sequence of AABBA. All the ‘A’s have to rhyme and all the ‘B’s have to rhyme.The first 2 lines have the same amount of syllable and the last 3 lines have the same amount of syllables.

My example:

When I woke in the morning i went for a long stroll,

But then I tripped on a rock and went face ina whole,

With bruises and scrapes,

All over my face,

I love morning strolls!


Have a go at writing your own poem!!


100 Word Challenge-Send All My Friends To School

All around the world fifty seven million children are missing out on primary school and education every day. Twenty four million of those kids have disabilities, eleven year old Lucy is one of them. Lucy lives in Kenya with eight older brothers that attend school. Lucy suffered polio in her right leg and was sent to hospital and then they sent her back. Since then her injury hasn’t healed therefore she can’t straighten her right leg. Her mother is worried about the education for Lucy and if she does get the chance to go to school whether she will get the support that she needs.

You Can Make The Change!


The Doll Shop

Skipping down the narrow alleyway in the core of the night, dark and cold, snow falling heavily from the sky. Abandoned and empty, but there is still someone near. She peers through the foggy window unaware of the danger that lurks by. As she carelessly walks by punching holes in the soft snow with her heavy boots. Intruding on their land, danger finally makes its move. When she walks past the same foggy window something is different, a doll that looks just like her appears. Trying to push the heavy and rickety door, she fails and walks away after having one last try. The door then moves with a loud screech almost as if is getting pulled open from the inside but there is nothing there. Walking in slowly with one heavy footstep at a time hundreds of porcelain antique dolls with their bold stale eyes staring into her soul. When she turns back around to where the doll was standing frozen, it has moved. Her eye spots it again standing on the green cushioned chair she reaches for the doll…

The Castle

Walking through the dark jungle on the dirty forest floor i came across a building, but not just ay building this is a castle old and overgrown. Seein the vines come alive like a new born babies first smile, they crawl up the tall peeks hidden and hard to see. I spot something move from behind a large round tree trunk, a feather or a wing, it moves again. Two little eyes peep out then a tiny leg and a tiny arm, the creature slowly moves approaching me like a tiger hunting for its prey. The tiny little wings shimmered and sparkled in the sunlight when it called for its friends, they all came towards me. Startled at what I  was seeing I did not even notice the ones crawling on me.

I looked towards where the entrance to the jungle was it was misty and getting close to dawn, “I must leave now” I whispered to the creatures still not knowing what to call them. When I arrived home it was about 10:00pm my parents had gone to bed. I thought to myself I was never to tell them! The next morning I woke up extra early the sky was full of fog and the faint outline of the moon brought light to the cold dark morning. I walked slowly for hours to get to the jungle once again and when I arrived it was a construction sight?! Reporters everywhere, trucks and diggers everywhere! Oh no they must of found the castle.

It took me about 15 mins to try and avoid the smelly and dirty construction workers from keeping me out and when I finally did I sprinted faster than a cheetah to the castle, I called to the creatures ” are you there?” ” you must leave now more humans are coming to wreck your home leave, leave now!” I didn’t actually know if they could even understand me! The rumble through the jungle of the machines crashing in, it sounded like a lions roar!! I ran back out and sprinted back home i told my parents about the workers cutting down the jungle, and they werent to happy to here it. My mum went belistic! I ran to the computer, it hadden been used in years you could hardly see the screen it was that dusty! I quikly started making posters typing as fast as i could while mum was making signs. Once i had printed the posters off and mum finished the sign we stumbled to the car trying to carry everything and drove to the jungle. For some reason it felt longer than walking. When we FINALLY arrived after gathering a few friends we protested at the entrance to the jungle, you could tell it made it more difficult for the workers. After hearing really annoying people yelling and screaming he workers finally gave in! After all that, a long and never ending day our hard work paid off and mum realized why I had been out of the house all the time! We save the jungle and now it has become heritage land. but that was 4 years ago now and I have got a new job at the naturalists and home for animals place, and finally moved out of mums house.

The End!










Hard work



If you think there is more to leadership or if you could do a poem yourself leave a post and a link to your blog so I could pop in and have a peak!

Anzac Day

Anzac Day is very Important to my Family because we have had lots of family members fight as troops in the army like my great grandpa, my Other great grandfather and my great grandma. A story that is in my family that is very inspirational and has always made my family say everything happens for a reason is one day when my great grandfather was in the war they had to cross a bridge to fight against another country. My great grandfather wasn’t feeling very well that day so he didn’t cross the bridge but the man that replaced him didn’t return. He was killed. Moving along from the sad part every Anzac day I go to the dawn service to honor the soldiers that fought for our country. Another special thing about Anzac Day is that my birthday and my uncles birthday is the day after Anzac Day. As you can tell Anzac day is very very special to our family!



Things I Love To Do!

Things I love to do are:

  1. NETBALL! I play for my school netball club and also played for a tournament team
  2. Art! whenever I get bored I find drawing and creating fun
  3. Singing! I love singing but when I sing really loud mum yells!!
  4. Hanging out with friends doing ridiculous things, crazy things and just having fun
  5. Sleepover with friends
  6. Seeing new movies

Leave a comment about things you love!


The must-sees of Melbourne!

Melbourne has many magnificent things that attract tourist from all around the world.

Just SOME of the things that you MUST see!

1. The city, WOW how can I explain this? Just full of amazement, friendly faces everywhere you turn, brilliant artwork on the busy city streets but why walk around everywhere when you can go to the eureka skydeck (the edge) where you see all off the city!

2. Sovereign hill, a reminder of what the busy 1800s were like, how people lived and how Australia’s history has affected the country we live in today. How could  a beautiful old country town Ballarat have such a remarkable place that hasn’t changed since the 1800s.  AMAZING!!!!!3.

3. Luna park, THE BEST THEME PARK EVER!!! Full of rides, Full of adventures, a great family trip for the whole family!

I could go on for years but that’s all I have time for, thanks folks!