Year 6 at St Lukes

It is getting near the end of the year and it is the year sixes last year at St Lukes. We have shared great memories here and will remember them forever. To help remind us about our primary years we are all writing reflection on what we remember from prep to year 6. We are all going through old photos and already realising how fast it went. When we leave we will all miss St Lukes as they helped us become who we are today. There are great friendships and bonds between each student and I will never forget them.

One thought on “Year 6 at St Lukes

  1. This is a wonderful reflection for the end of the year.
    It has been fantastic going through the years with you all and recalling the special memories throughout the years.
    The new look for your blog is great and I am delighted to see how many new posts you have added. I hope that you continue to share your learning on a blog next year!
    Mrs Gridley 🙂

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