Positive Education

In Positive Education class us students learn to be grateful and happy for the world that we have around use. To be caring and loving to one another. About a month ago we took a survey to find out what our talents were. Once we took the survey we were then told to make an action and put it into a presentation. Raquel and I were partners and our talent was Naturalist. As an action we did dog walking for our families dogs. We managed some how to walk 6 dogs. At first it was challenging but it got easier as we continued. We took them to the park, walked them around the block and gave them treats. Overall it was a fun experience and I really enjoyed working with Raquel.

3 thoughts on “Positive Education

      • Rylee, I still can’t believe you walked 6 dogs at once, wow!! That would have been tricky!! I’m glad it got easier as you went, it would have made people smile just to watch!! As a naturalist you obviously love animals, so it was a fabulous action to do and you made many people grateful by your action! Keep up the great work.
        Cheers Mrs Bellesini 🙂

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