Silver Buttons

Today during class we read this story called Silver Buttons by Bob Graham. It was based all in one minute and at the moment of a young boy taking his first step. After we read this story we were told to write our own. This is what I came up with.

Sitting in the classroom, where pale faces struggle to work over the heavy rainstorm. A lighting bolt strucks at 10:18am. Children’s eyes widen, a tree branch snaps at the local park with an echoe that causes a cluster in the bushes. The traffic lights turn red, an angry driver toots his horn. A cash register opens in the city to put the dirty money in at the clothes shop. A man bites into a biscuit without realising its stale and then later has a cringy look on his face. The clock strucks 10:19. The children go back to work with not a care in the world.

Hope you liked it!!