Term 2 Reflection

This term has been so much fun and I’m looking forward to our class party that we have been working hard for! Some of the highlights that I have had are the maths lessons. This term they were very creative and hands on especially when we made the pizza. My favourite thing that I learnt about this term was my inquiry presentation on eyes. We presented these presentations today as and expo and for my results I got 100%!! Did you know that what you are looking at is actually upside down, but the eye sends the picture to the brain and the brain turns the picture the right way up. Overall I have had a FANTASTIC term and can’t wait for more great things to come.

2 thoughts on “Term 2 Reflection

  1. So great to read your term reflection Rylee.

    I am glad that you had a good term and even better, you have recorded so much of your learning on your blog.

    I wonder what will be the highlight next term ?

    Mrs C

  2. Thanks for sharing your learning and experiences from term 2.
    It is wonderful to hear about your amazing opportunities and great achievements
    Well done!
    Mrs Gridley

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