Hard work



If you think there is more to leadership or if you could do a poem yourself leave a post and a link to your blog so I could pop in and have a peak!

Anzac Day

Anzac Day is very Important to my Family because we have had lots of family members fight as troops in the army like my great grandpa, my Other great grandfather and my great grandma. A story that is in my family that is very inspirational and has always made my family say everything happens for a reason is one day when my great grandfather was in the war they had to cross a bridge to fight against another country. My great grandfather wasn’t feeling very well that day so he didn’t cross the bridge but the man that replaced him didn’t return. He was killed. Moving along from the sad part every Anzac day I go to the dawn service to honor the soldiers that fought for our country. Another special thing about Anzac Day is that my birthday and my uncles birthday is the day after Anzac Day. As you can tell Anzac day is very very special to our family!



Things I Love To Do!

Things I love to do are:

  1. NETBALL! I play for my school netball club and also played for a tournament team
  2. Art! whenever I get bored I find drawing and creating fun
  3. Singing! I love singing but when I sing really loud mum yells!!
  4. Hanging out with friends doing ridiculous things, crazy things and just having fun
  5. Sleepover with friends
  6. Seeing new movies

Leave a comment about things you love!