The must-sees of Melbourne!

Melbourne has many magnificent things that attract tourist from all around the world.

Just SOME of the things that you MUST see!

1. The city, WOW how can I explain this? Just full of amazement, friendly faces everywhere you turn, brilliant artwork on the busy city streets but why walk around everywhere when you can go to the eureka skydeck (the edge) where you see all off the city!

2. Sovereign hill, a reminder of what the busy 1800s were like, how people lived and how Australia’s history has affected the country we live in today. How could  a beautiful old country town Ballarat have such a remarkable place that hasn’t changed since the 1800s.  AMAZING!!!!!3.

3. Luna park, THE BEST THEME PARK EVER!!! Full of rides, Full of adventures, a great family trip for the whole family!

I could go on for years but that’s all I have time for, thanks folks!