Year 6 at St Lukes

It is getting near the end of the year and it is the year sixes last year at St Lukes. We have shared great memories here and will remember them forever. To help remind us about our primary years we are all writing reflection on what we remember from prep to year 6. We are all going through old photos and already realising how fast it went. When we leave we will all miss St Lukes as they helped us become who we are today. There are great friendships and bonds between each student and I will never forget them.


Hello, lately for inquiry Matt and I have been working on ebola (a pandemic) and are nearly finished. We are making a movie and are already underway. We have finished our script and got all the costumes prepared. We are using green screen to get the real movie effect. The information we are using is on Matthews blog. Visit his blog at or Matt’s sporting blog. So far we have been working really well together and the work has been shared evenly. Overall I have had a fun time learning about ebola and have discovered alot more than I used to know.

My Mothers Eyes

Today is Remembrance day and we read a story called My Mothers Eyes. It is an astonoshing Reality of World War 1 and is based on the many who fought and lost there lives in Flanders fields. Men who faked there age to what they thougth was their duty but spent their last minutes to the rythm of gun shots and endless shouts of mercy.  Fields left with pools of innocent peoples blood. There is now poppys that sway in the wind and many people who pay there respects every year to those who died. Yet through these tough times there was unconditional love and care between each Australian soldier and the safety of our country relied on them, thats why today we remeber them. On the eleventh month at the eleventh hour the guns dropped and there was silence. Lest we Forget.

Natural Disasters-Homework

This term for our inquiry topics we are doing natural disasters. Each student it to research a Natural Disaster and make a model. I chose to do avalanches. I found out heaps of interesting facts like: the weight of a person can cause an avalanche, 150 people die a year from avalanches and that Avalanches can reach speeds of up to 300kmh.  Other students did topics like Volcanoes, Tsunamis and cyclones. The modles were amazing and i had a really good time presenting it and making it!

Camp Rumbug

On the 20th of October years 5 and 6 went to Camp. We stayed there for 2 days and did lots of fun and exciting activities including Abseiling ,canoeing  ,mud run, rock climbing, crazy wombat dodge, initiatives course, adventure bridge, titanic raft, draw bridge, giant swing, archery, nitro crossing, environmental ropes, night walk, disco, tabloid games and the formal dinner. It was heaps of fun and it was good to get out and get muddy.

The End

Positive Education

In Positive Education class us students learn to be grateful and happy for the world that we have around use. To be caring and loving to one another. About a month ago we took a survey to find out what our talents were. Once we took the survey we were then told to make an action and put it into a presentation. Raquel and I were partners and our talent was Naturalist. As an action we did dog walking for our families dogs. We managed some how to walk 6 dogs. At first it was challenging but it got easier as we continued. We took them to the park, walked them around the block and gave them treats. Overall it was a fun experience and I really enjoyed working with Raquel.

Silver Buttons

Today during class we read this story called Silver Buttons by Bob Graham. It was based all in one minute and at the moment of a young boy taking his first step. After we read this story we were told to write our own. This is what I came up with.

Sitting in the classroom, where pale faces struggle to work over the heavy rainstorm. A lighting bolt strucks at 10:18am. Children’s eyes widen, a tree branch snaps at the local park with an echoe that causes a cluster in the bushes. The traffic lights turn red, an angry driver toots his horn. A cash register opens in the city to put the dirty money in at the clothes shop. A man bites into a biscuit without realising its stale and then later has a cringy look on his face. The clock strucks 10:19. The children go back to work with not a care in the world.

Hope you liked it!!

Inquiry-Gears and Pulleys

Over the last two weeks Gemma and I have been working on gears and pulleys for our focus on physics for inquiry this term. I really enjoyed working with Gemma because we have never worked together before and gave a really clear and easy to follow presentation. I learnt some new and interesting facts and found out about lots of different types of gears like spur, helical and the external gear. I also learnt that when you use a pulley that you have to pull four feet down if the object that you are lifting is two feet high. I look forward to learning and finding out more things from our new project.
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Rough Work
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Term 2 Reflection

This term has been so much fun and I’m looking forward to our class party that we have been working hard for! Some of the highlights that I have had are the maths lessons. This term they were very creative and hands on especially when we made the pizza. My favourite thing that I learnt about this term was my inquiry presentation on eyes. We presented these presentations today as and expo and for my results I got 100%!! Did you know that what you are looking at is actually upside down, but the eye sends the picture to the brain and the brain turns the picture the right way up. Overall I have had a FANTASTIC term and can’t wait for more great things to come.


Over the last couple of weeks students had to do research and present a Google doc on a religion of their choice.
One of the presentations that I liked the most was Ambers on Judaism. visit her Blog at
She an outstanding presentation, it was very easy to follow. One of the things that I learnt was that a ‘Tanakh’ is the Jewish bible and it is made up of genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, the first 5 books f the Christian bible. As you can tell Amber has definitely done her research and learnt plenty!

Well done Amber!